GG Livestreams - Info for Parents

To review the player perspective, see GG Livestreaming for Players.

To make our events fun, we have added an element of livestreaming where we will be broadcasting our Gamer Guides (GGs) and the players as they participate in competition. The main purpose of these streams is simply to give interaction opportunities with their GG, while also giving them the excitement of having their strong play featured and celebrated.

All of our GGs have extensive background checks and SafeSport training, equivalent to what many traditional sports coaches and camp counselors complete. They are there to facilitate the fun for your child!

What Information Appears on Streams?

At most, your child's gamertag (the username they use when playing online games) may be displayed on the stream during competition. Our GGs are trained to refer to players by these handles and not to use real names or real information during the broadcast. Some games allow for this display to be disabled and when possible, our GGs may disable gamertag display.

If your child has selected a gamertag that reveals any personal information, we recommend you consider changing it whether or not they choose to participate in these events.

An example gamertag on Xbox.

Can I opt my child out of these streams?

Yes! If you are uncomfortable with your child participating in the streams, you have two options. First, please email or contact your assigned GYO Club representative to let them know you wish to disallow your child from participating in livestreams. We will adjust our settings accordingly, and actively avoid placing your child into live streamed matches.

Second, you can avoid any matches or events where streaming is activated. You can see which events are activated by looking for the Livestream Activation marker in the column.

Players are able to watch streams without participating in them, so opting them out of being in a stream does not necessarily prevent them from playing. Depending on the size of the group and number of other players who have opted out, they may end up without an opponent but the GG will work to provide them a fun experience in solo-play.

Do I Need to Download or Create New Accounts on Anything?

Your child will not need any third party account access or new tools in order to participate. Some of the streaming platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube, offer the ability to register for free accounts in order to unlock special features, but these are unnecessary for any level of GYO participation. If your child requests them, please research these apps prior to making a decision to allow your child access.

Can I Watch the Stream?

Absolutely and highly encouraged! This is one of the key benefits of this setup, as it allows opportunities to see your child in action on the "big screen". You can visit from your PC, tablet, mobile, or TV app devices during streams to see the action for yourself.

Is the Content Appropriate for my Child?

All GGs are trained to provide streaming content that will be rated "E" for Everyone. No swearing, vulgarity, or inappropriate topics will be discussed on screen, and games shown are those in the GYO pre-approved game lists. Where chat features are enabled, strict moderation standards are in place to restrict inappropriate content.